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Health Benefits

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non invasive therapy using light contact with the hands. While you are having a treatment you may notice that your whole body feels relaxed and can begin to make changes, reduce symptoms and improve your sense of well being.

What to expect

At the first consultation, you will be asked about your medical history and your reason for attending.

As a client, you remain fully clothed and will lie or sit comfortably on a treatment couch. The hands on hold will usually start at the shoulders or ankles. The therapist will move to parts where the client has symptoms and where the therapist notices some imbalance, tension or restriction. The client and therapist will communicate what is being noticed. Heat ,cold, numbness , pain are examples of sensations that might be felt by the client. These are noted and tracked as the treatment proceeds .
By the end of the treatment, the client often notes that they feel relaxed, warm and the symptoms are much reduced or gone.
The therapy continues to work after the treatment. As in other therapies, such as osteopathy or physiotherapy, one session may be enough or follow up treatment may be beneficial.

Need to know more?

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