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Why choose Craniosacral Therapy as a treatment?

Since craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non invasive therapy using light contact with the hands, it is suitable for people of any age. Clients find that their symptoms can reduce and resolve with one or two sessions, while others may find further sessions helpful.

What will happen at a treatment session?

At the first consultation, you will be asked about your medical history and your reason for attending.

As a client, you remain fully clothed and will lie or sit comfortably on a treatment couch. A gentle hands on touch is used and the therapist may notice restrictions or imbalances and the treatment will help these resolve. While you are having a treatment you may notice that your whole body feels relaxed and can begin to make changes, improving your sense of well being. Regulation of the autonomic nervous system is a key aspect of the treatment .
On occasion, you may notice your symptoms more over the next day or two, before an improvement is felt.

Clients frequently remark that they feel relaxed, comfortable and with less or no pain after a session.

Need to know more?

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